Probabilistic Geomodeling

In CGRE, we develop novel methods to address the complex geometries encountered in structural geology. Our methods are specifically tuned to deal with scarce data in a formal probabilistic manner.

We investigate different mathematical models to construct complex geometries, e.g. based on gaussian processes, NURBS and subdivision surfaces and combine them with innovative probabilistic methods, such as Probabilistic ML, gradient based samplers, as well as the visualisation and interface of these methods, e.g. VR/ AR.

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Geophysical Process Simulations

In order to achieve the sustainable developments goals of the UN, werequire   predictions   of   the   processes   in   the   earth’s   subsurface.Unfortunately, we do not have direct access to the subsurface. Hence, werequire numerical simulations based on physical models to obtain thesepredictions, nonetheless. To account for complex model geometries andthe correct in-situ conditions, as well as area wide information we canneither rely on analytical nor laboratory analyses. Therefore, we requirenumerical   simulations   to   characterize   the   complex   coupled   physicalprocesses of the earth’s subsurface. The processes include, for instance,fluid   and   heat   transport,   chemical   species   transport,   and   mechanicalprocesses.

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Machine Learning in Geosciences

We develop and use diverse machine learning methods to address spatial geoscientific problems.

Recent developments include a combined Hidden Markov Random Field (HMRF) - Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) method to perform integrated spatial analyses of geophysical EMI measurements and Remote Sensing information.

In the research project "MINERALS", we are developing addressing the lack of open training sets for machine learning methods with a compilation of fully segmented thin section images.

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Selected Publications

Our published articles in peer-reviewed journals can be found in the publication list of CGRE..

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CGRE is involved in several research projects, focusing on quantification of uncertainties in 3D-geological models and their influence on process-based simulations, as well as methods to make these computational simulations more efficient.

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Research software

CGRE develops multiple scientific software packages in the course of our research projects.

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