Successful GeoTag 2023!


The GeoTag 2023 took place on June 23rd, 2023, and was organized by Professor Florian Wellmann (CG3 - Computational Geoscience, Geothermics, and Reservoir Geophysics) with a main focus and structural change and energy transition. Geoscience enthusiasts, researchers, and industry experts from Aachen and from around the world gathered in the SuperC building at RWTH to exchange ideas and recent research results.

The presentations during the morning session focused on geothermal energy use and its safety. In her presentation, Prof.Dr. Eva Schill (KIT) outlined plans for an underground laboratory that will enable research into the complex thermal-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical processes taking place in geothermal reservoirs. Matsen Broothaers (Vito) and Phil Vardon (TU Delft) reported on the geothermal pilot studies for geothermal energy use in Flanders and the Netherlands, both studies also addressed societal concerns regarding induced seismicity.

Accompanying the presentation program, several posters by students and scientists from different institutes were presented. Students’ posters were also subject to the yearly VAG- (Verein Aachener Geowissenschaftler) poster prize, selected by peer scientists. This year's winner was Sofia Brisson (link).

Before the lunch break, the teaching prize of the student council was awarded to Dr. Jochen Hürtgen, Jun.-Prof. Juliana Troch, and Dr. Tobias Fußwinkel. Using this link, you can find more information on the selection procedure and the winners.

After the lunch break, everyone gathered for the farewell ceremony for the recent graduates from the bachelor’s and master’s courses. Some photos of the event can be found following this link.

The presentations of the afternoon session the use of former mine structures to allow the construction of cost-effective heating and cooling systems. Stefan Klein (IEG Fraunhofer) outlined the general possibilities for such systems, and René Verhoeven (also IEG Fraunhofer) provided about a concrete Mine Water project that is carried out in Heerlen (Netherlands), outlining the use of the energy stored in the water of the flooded old coal mines.

-- Authors: Christin Bobe, Zhouji Liang

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