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We regularly offer reseach thesis topics in geological modeling with quantified uncertainties, geophysical inversions, topics around VR/AR in geosciences as well as efficient simulations with reduced basis methods.

Please contact Prof. Wellmann for further information.


Process Simulations and Reduced Order Modeling

3D geophysical simulation picture

We offer a wide range of topics in the field of process simulations and reduced order modeling. For the reduced order modeling, we focus on the reduced basis method. We use the method to considerably speed-up our process simulation, allowing in turn, probabilistic model approaches.In these application fields, we cover three main categories:

  1. Process Simulations: Here, we mainly focus on geothermal and groundwater applications. However, it is also possible to define a thesis in other process simulation applications.
  2. Inverse Methods: Here, we mainly cover the fields of optimization, data assimilation, uncertainty quantification, and optimal experimental design.
  3. Combining structural and process uncertainties: This field includes the meshing algorithms and isogeometric analysis.

A thesis in this field contain usually at least two of these three main directions. For a thesis in this field, you should be motivated to learn to program. The level of theory and programming required to perform the thesis is adjustable in accordance with the background of the student.

For more information, please contact Dr.Denise Degen