GemGIS Copyright: © CGRE

GemGIS is a Python-based, open-source geographic information processing library. It is capable of preprocessing spatial data such as vector data (shape files, geojson files, geopackages,...), raster data (tif, png,...), data obtained from online services (WMS, WCS, WFS) or XML/KML files. Preprocessed data can be stored in a dedicated Data Class to be passed to the geomodeling package GemPy in order to accelerate the model building process. Postprocessing of model results will allow export from GemPy to geoinformation systems such as QGIS and ArcGIS or to Google Earth for further use.

GemGIS uses the full functionality of GeoPandas, rasterio, OWSLib, Pandas, Shapely, PyVista and NumPy.

All provided maps and examples were taken from the books 'Interpretation of Geological Structures Through Maps: An Introductory Practical Manual' by D. Powell and "An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps" by G.M. Bennison referenced at the bottom. Many code examples were developed as part of the Master Thesis of Alexander Jüstel as referenced below and will now be provided and improved for the use in GemGIS.

For more information, please see the GemGIS github page.