LOOP Consortium

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The Loop consortium, founded as a OneGeology initiative, with geosurvey and Australian Research Council support, brings together geological surveys and research institutions in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK to found a new Open Source initiative to build the next generation of 3D geological modelling tools.

The project aims to:

  1. integrate all available data in the modelling process,
  2. develop enabling technologies that will combine probabilistic modelling with structural concepts to
    produce 3D structural geological models (integration of geological rules in the modelling workflow), and
  3. assess and characterise uncertainty throughout the modelling workflow in order to optimise data
    acquisition for future maximised uncertainty reduction.

Loop is a new platform (proposed workflow show in the following diagram) that will enable field geologists, researchers from academia and government organisations, explorers, resources modellers & managers to better define their 3D geological environment as well as assessing the requirement for optimised additional data/knowledge acquisition. The platform will be OpenSource, scalable and applicable to problems from the mine scale to the plate scale, in data rich and poor environment. It will serve to solve problems related to urban geology, basins resources exploration and exploitation as well as minerals and scientific exploration in poly-deformed metamorphosed terranes.

For more information, please see http://loop3d.org


Bermagui Workshop - Modeling of complex structures

Multiply deformed sediments Copyright: © Alex Ip (GA)

In November 2018, the first LOOP workshop for modelling complex geological structures took place in Bermagui (NSW, Australia). The workshop focussed on the modelling and interpolation approaches suitable for this type of structures and how uncertainties can be characterised and quantified. Our open source modelling software GemPy will also have a decisive role in the further development.



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