Terranigma Solutions GmbH


With the goal of bringing scientific insights and latest technological advances to real-world applications, Terranigma Solutions GmbH ( www.terranigma-solutions.com ) was founded in March 2020 as a spin-off from the Institute for Computational Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering (CGRE ) at the RWTH Aachen University. The founding team consists of the following five members, CGRE researchers and RWTH graduates for the most part:

  • Prof. Florian Wellmann, Ph.D. (head of the CGRE Institute)
  • Miguel de la Varga, M.Sc. (CGRE PhD candidate)
  • Dr. Simon Virgo (former CGRE assistant professor)
  • Ana Alonso, M.Sc. (former CGRE administrative assistant)
  • Fabian Stamm, M.Sc. (former CGRE research assistant)

Terranigma's business activities and technological developments are centered around GemPy ( www.gempy.org ), an open-source 3D geological modeling software originally created in 2016 by Miguel de la Varga at the CGRE Institute under the supervision of Prof. Florian Wellmann. Since then, GemPy has grown steadily, in functionalities, but also popularity within the open Geosciences community. Central topics addressed by Terranigma include probabilistic modeling, uncertainty quantification, as well as geomodeling in mixed reality. The team at Terranigma is working tirelessly towards a future of geomodeling that is open and innovative.

For more information on Terranigma, visit www.terranigma-solutions.com or reach out to one of the team members.