Visual 3D Workshop 2019

Tuesday, October 01, 2019, 8:00am

CGRE members in VR Room Copyright: © CGRE

The organizing committee, part of the Visual3D network of infrastructure, extends the warmest invitation to you to join us at Uppsala University, Sweden, for the first conference on visualization of 3D/4D geomodels in geosciences, exploration and mining, 1–2 October,2019.

With regards to interpretation of data and understanding of deep geological structures and bodies at different scales, modelling tools and experience are vital for geosciences, explorationand mining. Geomodelling provides a platform for integration of different types of data, including new kinds of information (e.g., new improved measuring methods). However, the optimization and application of visualization technology, such as high resolution cubes, VR walls, VR goggle solutions, high resolution photogrammetry, UAVs, lidar-scanners etc., still requires a common dialogue within the geoscientific community.

The Visual3D conference 2019 will be an opportunity for communication of recent and ongoing advances in visualization of 3D/4D content in geosciences, exploration and mining. A special focus will be the linking of research, education and industry, as well as the integration of multi-disciplinary data and their visualization in three and four dimensions. The conference format will consist of regular plenary sessions of oral contributions (including keynotes), as well as a poster and demonstration session.

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