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According to the Site Selection Act (StandAG), the analysis of uncertainties in the description of areas is an important aspect of the search and selection of a site for a repository for high-level radioactive waste. Due to the complexity of the geology and an often quantitatively as well as qualitatively heterogeneous data situation - geological geometric predictions exhibit various uncertainties.

Accordingly, the aim of the project "GeoBlocks" is to scientifically illuminate uncertainties in geological models from different perspectives and to derive distinct methods that allow quantification, visualization and communication of geological uncertainties. The following scientific goals are pursued:

  1. the creation of a workflow for geological modeling with uncertainty quantification,
  2. a systematic analysis of the uncertainties in the geological and geophysical input data,
  3. the quantitative description of the spatial variability of host rocks,
  4. the development of methods for the comparability of regions with variable data quality and quantity, and
  5. approaches for the reduction of uncertainties through intelligent sampling strategies.

These aspects will be tested on representative geological models of the three host rocks: rock salt, shale and crystalline basement rock and merged into an integrated workflow. The probabilistic approach allows for further characterization and prediction of regional geological geometries. The comprehensive goal of the project is to enable a quantification of uncertainties of geological models in all further steps of the search for a disposal site search, from the analysis of regions, to the characterization of sites and further use in simulations for safety analysis, as well as for communication with stakeholders and the public.

This research project is a cooperation of RWTH Aachen, University of Aberdeen and the BGR (Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe).

In the scope of this project, we are filling PhD and PostDoc positions by 31.08.22. Make sure to check out our job openings:

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