Paper "Certified reduced basis method in geosciences" published in Comp. Geosci.


Preprint "Global Sensitivity Analysis to Optimize Basin-Scale Conductive Model Calibration - Insights on the Upper Rhine Graben" available on EarthArXiv:

  URG temperature misfit Copyright: © CGRE  

The video of our RWTH Lunch Lehre Lecture "Die AR-Sandbox: Haptische Erweiterte Realität in der Lehre" is now available on youtube (in German):

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Book chapter (German) "Geologische Modellierung 4.0" by Prof. Wellmann published in the book "Handbuch Industrie 4.0: Recht, Technik, Gesellschaft".

  Buch "Handbuch Industrie 4.0" Copyright: © Springer

Handbuch Industrie 4.0: Recht, Technik, Gesellschaft

Editor: Walter Frenz (RWTH Aachen)


Our paper ""Certified reduced basis method in geosciences" is now published in the journal "Computational Geosciences". 

  Geothermal simulation Copyright: © CGRE RB Simulation for a geothermal study

Fulltext available on the journal website or for the corresponding preprint on EarthArXiv.